Being a Dad and Entrepreneur

October 29, 2015

I had the question pop up the other day… “How do you balance being a Dad and an entrepreneur”. It was from a soon to be new father.

Being a Dad is the number 1 priority in my life. Growing up w/o a Dad was not easy, so when I become one, I made a commitment to doing everything I can to give my son an amazing life.

It has forced me to reconsider what is and isn’t in important in business and life. I rarely waste time worrying about things out of my control. I am more resourceful. More focused.

I focus on FULLY enjoying each day. I live more in the moment and realize that all we really have is NOW.

So many of use chase after the next task, the next meal, the next car, the next luxury pent house, and then when we get them we are still unhappy. We think “once I get this” I will finally be complete. Life will begin once I get this shiny new thing that Madison Avenue tells us we need. We are prisoners of pleasure. We live life chasing one “hit of pleasure” to the next yet are never fully alive. Most of us are busy doing bullshit work we hate, to buy stuff we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like. 

Seeing my son run around blissfully w/o concept of time, money, or superficial need to impress anyone has completely changed the way I operate.

The beauty of life isn’t chasing and hunting down goals. It is being present and able to enjoy what you have. If you are reading this on a computer with a secure internet connection – Realize that YOU have everything you need right now in order to do whatever it is you want to do in this world. You don’t need to have the perfect coach, guru, program or computer to get what you want. All you need to do is consistently crush each day. Live in the “NOW” and make a commitment to only focus on each 24 hour block you have in front of you. When you stack up enough of those days you’ll wake up one day with everything you ever wanted and then some.

Being a Dad taught me this.

Being a Dad has taught me more about myself and life than any book or professor ever has. Sometimes the greatest lessons in life come from places we don’t expect.


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