From: My backyard. Austin, TX. On a peaceful October night.

It’s been a wild ride. How did I get here?

Lets just start with the basics. I’ll get into the good stuff later.

My name is Jason and I’ve been making my living online for 8 years. I’m a father, husband, and this is my digital home.

I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A hard working, blue collar city in the heart of the Midwest. I was raised by my Mom and Grandma who busted their asses to keep things afloat for myself, brother, and sister.

School was never my thing. I didn’t like sitting for hours listening to boring teachers ramble on. Although, Ramble On is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth and never looked back.

Unfortunately, the real world almost immediately began to kick my ass. I worked dozens upon dozens of odd jobs to support myself. From restaurants, manual labor, the U.S. Army. I did it all. During all that time I dreamed of working for myself. Becoming self made. But how? I had no idea where to start.

The Shift

Like a lot of things in life. Sometimes you find hope in the most unlikely places. My life line came from a friends Dad named Steve. When you look up “hustler” in the dictionary there would be a picture of Steve. He looked like an extra on Sons of Anarchy. And he pedaled collectable stamps, used cars, civil war antiques. Anything he could get his hands on that would reel in a few bucks. Steve sold me some novelty swords and knives and I began to sell them on various auction sites.

I saw the writing on the wall from an early stage. If I wanted long term success I would need to own my company.

Taking big swings has always been my forte. I have never accomplished anything by “sort of” doing it. The only thing that really holds us back is fear. The best way to overcome fear is to take massive action. I started my first real business in a weekend. I created a six figure a year business in the time it takes most people to binge watch Breaking Bad.

I say this because – If I could do that with minimal knowledge and limited resources so can you!

A Funny Thing Happened….

My confidence began to grow. That early taste of success reinforced my belief that anything was possible. There were a lot of doubters that suggested I “go to school” or “get a job”. That life wasn’t for me. I wanted to travel, make my own hours. I didn’t want to delay gratification for some company that didn’t give a damn about me. I sure didn’t want to punch a clock to make my boss rich.

But I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. Things were not always rainbows and butterflies. Is that a Maroon 5 lyric. I hope not. I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations.

But I persisted.

No matter what happened I always got up off the mat.

I continued to plug away and found success in even more unlikely places. I began to build an audience, inspire people,and started coaching others to help them attain massive success.

Enter The Self Made Show

I have one goal that drives everything I do from a business standpoint nowadays. To create the absolute best resource in the world for those looking to create their dream lifestyle. If you are reading this now, then the site is it’s most embryonic state. Stay with me though. The content is coming. The Show is about to take off.

We are building an Army of digital nomads, brilliant entrepreneurs, and aspiring 9-5 escape artists. I would love you to be a part of it.

Big things are coming.

Talk Soon,